Startup Ideas


My messy whiteboard of startup ideas.


  • Dish review app
  • Visual search for avoiding trademark violation
  • Impulse goods Shopify app (enables post purchase >$10 add-ons)
  • Yelp for all CPG (not just DTC brands) (analog: Vivino)
  • Local coffee roaster marketplace (analog: Vivino)
  • Something to improve truck driver conditions (analog: Upwork)
  • POS for liquor stores (analog: Toast)
  • Inventory management for liquor stores (analog: plateIQ)
  • Self-help books adapted into text-based courses (think: Podia meets Blinkist)


  • Coffee roaster exclusively for private label
  • Wine / spirits exclusively for private label
  • Soy sauce (various craft shoyu)
  • Better-for-you Chinese vinegar (Lao Chen Cu)
  • Asian spirits & wine (e.g. Umeshu)
  • Mexican spirits (e.g. Sotol)
  • DTC wine (natural?) made with 0 labor abuse (like is that so hard?)


  • Shipping containers but for retail ice counters
  • Ghost 7-11 for premium goods
  • Ultrapure competitor (190 proof GNS, but truly "craft")


  • Better food certification (fair trade, free range, but very strict)
  • Something fungi related, love this space
  • Microfinance and / or P2P lending for Mexican farmers <> tequila producers to be able to plant agave on the side in order to hedge against agave shortages